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Better Know an LF’er: Matthew Hlavinka

Posted by on 4/12/13 at 10:00am

“Don’t let Matthew’s quietness fool you, it must be osmosis from Bill and Rand. His sharp eye for detail and strong graphic sensibility are equally balanced by his smart questions and wonderful attitude. I also love his last name, just say it: Hlavinka!” – Vicki Yuan

Taking cues from James Bond, Hlavinka prefers his martinis shaken, not stirred. He only speaks when it’s necessary (unfortunately, not with an English accent). His perfectly manicured beard rivals that of Ron Swanson’s moustache. He wears refreshingly distinguishable attire (a splash of color in a room full of architects can be dangerous). And when he’s not saving the world from sudden destruction, he renders beautiful plans for our upcoming book. Although he clearly missed his calling as a model (look at that Blue Steel!), this guy has some serious talent. Check out his other mad skills here.”

-Denise DeLeon and Sierra Haight

Hometown: San Antonio

Years at LF: .8333

Current Project: Alamo Brewery, Fenn Residence

Favorite LF Project: Dog Team Too Loft

Achilles Heel: Breakfast margaritas

Happiest Place: LF basement!

Memorable Book: Siddhartha

Prized Possession: Lego collection

Current Obsession: Buying my first house

Last Accomplishment: Getting a piece of furniture selected to show at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair

Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Breakfast margaritas and nightswimming… in October.

Fate or Chance: Either