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Better Know an LF’er : Jacqueline Fisher

Posted by on 12/12/12 at 11:00am

“Something you may not have known about Jacqueline is that she spent many a summer on construction sites with her father, which instilled in her a great curiosity and understanding for how things go together. This understanding has made her quite the asset to our tiny little Josey Pavilion team where she has become reviteer and detailer extraordinaire! It’s been wonderful to work with and get to know Jacqueline. She will be sorely missed come 2013 when she heads back to UT for her final semester. Other things to know about Jacqueline: she has a wonderful attitude, which may in part be due to the fact that she has not yet had to work with Chris, she is quite the task-master when it comes to our 4 pm push-ups and twisty sit-up thingies, and she is, to the best of my recollection, quite skilled at flip-cup.”

  -Tenna Florian

Hometown: Houston, TX

Years at LF: .5

Current Project: Josey Pavilion

Favorite LF Project: Brown Residence

Achilles Heel: Sweets (especially cupcakes)

Happiest Place: Family’s ranch in Corsicana, TX

Memorable Book: The Giving Tree

Prized Possession: an 1898 silver dollar that she received from her dad for good luck

Current Obsession: “Filled Regions” on Revit (sorry Philip)

Last Accomplishment: Working on the first potential Living Building project in Texas

Favorite Thing about San Antonio: The growing downtown

Fate or Chance: Fate