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Better Know an LF’er: Denise DeLeon

Posted by on 1/15/14 at 09:56am

“Pick any firm in the country and there is a single person that just knows where everything lives, someone essential to the continuity and culture of the office, a keymaster of sorts. At LF this is Denise. Known by many nicknames (perhaps mostly to me), like “Double D”, “short stack”, “Sugar”, etc, she is the mapmaker for all historical and cultural information; the gatekeeper for all important images, like that 20-year-old slide that David Lake recalls taking long ago but doesn’t quite know where it was stashed but is “critical” for his last minute presentation; she is the talent behind our graphic identity; and, she likely has an understanding of any and all secrets hidden in the deepest coffers of the firm that would require “hush money” should she ever decide to leave. On all counts, without Denise we’d all be lost.

While she is usually quiet, Denise is all knowing and keenly observant of all things that make the firm what it is…she is highly dedicated, but not easily taken advantage of, yet you can rely on her for just about anything inside and outside of work, especially if it is time critical and/or right before her vacation (or yours). We can also count on her to say something totally inappropriate at just the right time, which usually breaks any tension in a meeting and allows us all to remember to not take ourselves so seriously. The word she uses most when I am around her, which over the last 13 years has been quite often, is “seriously!” coupled with a glare. In spite of her fiery personality, Denise has a BIG heart, really cares about people and overall she is a real gem; she always delivers, always wears a smile and brings an immeasurable amount to our daily routines.” – Brian Korte


Hometown: Mission, Texas (home of the World Birding Center)

Years at LF: TOO MANY!

Current Project: Lake|Flato Houses Book

Favorite LF Project: Hotel San Jose, Armstrong Oil & Gas

Achilles Heel: Dr. Pepper

Happiest Place: Home

Memorable Book: Just My Type by Simon Garfield and currently waiting for the next book of Fables (thanks, Corey Leamon!)

Prized Possession: Cooper (my 15 year-old Jack Russell) and extensive toy and vintage camera collection

Current Obsession: DIY projects

Last Accomplishment: Installing rolling barn doors

Favorite Thing about San Antonio: The people

Fate or Chance: 2 parts fate, 1 part chance

  • Joe Ben

    Great write up BK. Reminded me why we all love Double D. so much. That’s not a tear in my eye its cedar season… alright it’s a tear!!!

  • Corey Leamon

    I got a shout out, haha!!! I MISS YOU D!! Brian is right, they’d be lost (as I would have been). I think you should actually provide more sass for reinforcement.