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Posted by on 10/22/13 at 08:00am

“I knew David and I would become good friends when I heard his answer to an intro question at his first office meeting: “What is your favorite color?” The answer, of course, is gray. Jump ahead a few months and we found ourselves working together on the same project, and jump ahead a few years, now after his return from grad school, and I’m lucky enough to still be working with him.  His old friends nicknamed him Red, but here we call him Little Chef, or LC, as in that lovable rat from Ratatouille, you know, the one with all the talent!  You can count on David for just about anything – he has a greater wealth of architecture knowledge than anyone you know, he can turn any design idea into a beautiful rendering, and he’ll give you a ride to the airport at 5 in the morning. There’s a lot more to him, but what you need to know about David is that he passionately believes that everyone should work towards becoming the best version of themselves, and it’s very easy to do that when you’re around him.”   -Vicki Yuan


Hometown: Born in Monterrey, Mexico- but grew up in Metamora, Illinois

Years at LF: ~3.5 (including my internship here)

Current Project: Epoch Winery + Tasting Room

Favorite LF Project: Armstrong Oil and Gas/ Dog team Loft / Hotel San Jose

Achilles Heel: I got a bad case of the “Grass is always greener” complex

Happiest Place: Coffee with friends

Memorable Book: Life of the Beloved

Prized Possession: 1928 Derelict Laundromat – check it out here 

Current Obsession: Making that derelict Laundromat habitable- and learning how to be a grown-up!

Last Accomplishment: Finally deciding on a plan for the Laundromat- and committing to it!

Favorite Thing about San Antonio: You can get in at the ground floor!

Fate or Chance: Fate…so take some chances.