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Better Know an LF’er: Corey Leamon

Posted by on 6/21/13 at 08:30am

Corey Baby  by David Lake

(Loosely inspired by Sherry, The Four Seasons)

Co oh oh oh reee
bay yea beee
Coreeeee Leamoneeee

you need to work
all nite long
all nite long

Co oh oh ree
just do it my way
my way,my way, my way
Don’t give me no lip
right NOW

pho-to, pho-to
shop it out all nite
all nite
all nite
all nite

Co oh oh oh ree
Corey bay yea bee
Coreee Leamoneee

We will miss you
when u is in New York
New York
staying up all nite
all nite
working for lesser
wanna bees
wanna bee greats
wanna bee greats

Won’t you work out today
won’t you work out today
do your lunges
your lunges
right NOW

Co oh ree
We’ll all miss
your smile
and your
All day and all nite

Good luck
Good luck
Good bye
Good bye

Hometown: Argyle, Texas

Years at LF: 2 years exactly

Current Project: Stationery redesign, graphic standards and manual, marketing brochures

Favorite LF Project: Brown Residence, Lake Austin, Hotel San Jose, Armstrong Oil & Gas, Pearl

Achilles Heel: Chips & Queso or Bulleit Bourbon

Happiest Place: Exploring and learning about the world with people I love

Memorable Book: read – The Value of Nothing by Raj Patel; listened – Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan

Prized Possession: 1tb hard drive with all my photo and design work

Current Obsession: Game of Thrones, Radiolab

Last Accomplishment: Reduced my student loans by 2/3

Favorite Thing about San Antonio: Breakfast Tacos, cultural mix with mexico, and the easy drive to natural swimming spots

Fate or Chance: Taking chances leads to a better fate

  • Corey Leamon

    That poem and my signed monograph have now been added as “prized possessions”.