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Posted by on 7/10/14 at 08:22am

Clay has a calm, quiet demeanor and a slow southern way of speaking that puts you at ease and leads you to believe he is much wiser than your typical 22 year old. And indeed he is. Clay is really good at asking questions. He has a passion for learning about how buildings are constructed, how drawing sets are organized, what clients are like, and anything else related to the profession of architecture. He also knows a whole lot about the solar system and the mechanics of space travel. He has mastered everything from communicating through a hole in the ceiling with a simple piece of string, to making high quality animations and movies by teaching himself new software.

Clay thrives on helping the team, and is willing to stay late to meet a deadline. When thanked for his hard work and dedication, he humbly says “just doing my job.” It is no surprise that Clay won intern-of-the-week almost 52 consecutive weeks in a row. He always accepted the honor graciously and modestly (and with an appropriate degree of embarrassment?). We will miss him until he comes back to work with us again. You will come back, won’t you, Clay?

-Margaret Sledge

Hometown: Panama City, Florida
Years at LF: 1 year
Favorite LF Project: Witte Museum, Tres Santos, and River Camps
Achilles Heel: Chick-fil-A sauce
Happiest Place: Anywhere land meets water
Memorable Book: 20000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne
Prized Possession: Any past and future life experience
Current Obsession: Hemingway short stories
Last Accomplishment: Awesome internship at L|F
Favorite Thing about San Antonio: All the interesting layers of history, and Lake|Flato, that’s a given
Fate or Chance: Fate, everyone has a destiny


  • Clemsonboi151

    Clay sure does look like a good architect. With those rolled up sleeves, costa del mar sun shades, and fine watch he can design anything.