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    Rick Torres

    The following interview takes the award for being the longest in the making.  And when I say longest, I mean it’s taken close to three years to get us here.  If memory serves me correctly, I remember flipping through Divisare, a few years ago, when I spotted the Tucson Mountain Retreat designed by Dust Architects. I instantly looked up their website (My name is Rick Torres and I have an design website addiction.) and soon discovered a body of work that displays the powerful effect that architecture, through elements like space, light, mass, and materiality can have on atmosphere and mood.  I then read that they were both graduates of Texas Tech University (Go Raiders!) and I knew I had to touch base. Shortly after, as co-chair of Latinos in Architecture, we partnered with the Architecture Program at the San Antonio College to host the school’s first architecture lecture (in over 50 years) and featured both Jesús Robles and Cade Hayes from Dust.  Their talk titled Origins, which expounded on topics of regionalism, materiality and craft continued (hazily) after the lecture over tacos and margs, and then a few weeks later via a nagging email interview (from said humble writer) Click to Read More Click to Read More