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    Adam Heisserer

    We’re excited to introduce three LF interns! Originally from China, Malaysia, and Guatemala, respectively, Michelle, Serena, and Alex have lived all over the world before arriving in San Antonio. Here is an exclusive Dogrun interview about their Lake Flato experience. Click to Read More

    Corey Squire

    The 2030 End Game

    Posted by on 2/22/17 at 05:54pm

    With the 7th year of reporting for the 2030 commitment underway, it’s worthwhile to pause and think about how the next 13 years might play out. Reporting for the commitment started back in 2011 with a goal of achieving an across the board net-zero energy portfolio by 2030. Initially, the energy reduction target was set at 60% and every five years, the target shifts down 10% until 100% energy reduction is achieved in year 2030. Click to Read More