Monthly Archives: April, 2016

    Jonathan Smith

    Field Report : Austin Central Library

    Posted by on 4/29/16 at 02:13pm

    To celebrate the large live oak that was craned up to the 6th floor green roof reading garden at the Austin Central Library today here are some recent images of the construction progress at the Austin Central Library paired alongside the corresponding renderings. Click to Read More

    Justin Ford

    Two L|F-ers Off to Graduate School

    Posted by on 4/26/16 at 12:03pm

    Graduate School Admissions Notification Season is winding down and two Lake|Flato interns, Wo Wu and Pavan Iyer, have emerged with acceptance letters in hand.  Click to Read More

    jennifer young

    Who was Harriet Pattison?

    Posted by on 4/25/16 at 08:50am

    “We previously knew Harriet Pattison through bits and pieces…. But now an oral history project sheds more light on Harriet Pattison’s life and work. As part of an ongoing oral history series on landscape architects, the D.C. based nonprofit the Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) is releasing a 93-minute oral history on Harriet Pattison. In 32 wide-ranging clips, Pattison reveals how she approached her work, life, and Kahn. The series begins with her growing up in Chicago, through her opening of a private practice, to her major works like the Hershey Company Headquarters.”  
    Click to Read More

    Pavan Iyer

    Get to Know the Interns

    Posted by on 4/19/16 at 01:04pm

    LF’s four newest interns have been here for a while and are well-acclimated to the Lake|Flato lifestyle. Here’s the Dogrun-exclusive on Adam, Emilie, Alistair and Elijah. Click to Read More