Monthly Archives: December, 2015

    Adam Heisserer

    Energy Monitoring at the Prow

    Posted by on 12/17/15 at 03:00pm

    Last month we installed an eMonitor on the Prow, a porch house in the Davis Mountains. This is our first time monitoring an off-the-grid project, and our most remote installation so far. eMonitors track the energy use of individual electric circuits, and transmit the data in real time to an online account where it can be observed and analyzed. Owners can use this feedback to make informed decisions about energy use and save significantly on their energy bills, and we can improve future design decisions based on real data. Click to Read More

    Adam Heisserer

    Hardberger Park Earns LEED Gold

    Posted by on 12/10/15 at 06:00pm

    The Urban Ecology Center, a visitor center and event facility for Phil Hardberger Park in San Antonio, officially earned LEED Gold certification this week. In collaboration with landscape architects Stephen Stimson & Associates and Rialto Studio, the buildings’ architecture and its surrounding landscape perform in concert to teach strategies for sustainable water usage and collection. Click to Read More

    Claire Fontaine

    Don’t Go Chasing Rockslides

    Posted by on 12/2/15 at 10:12am

    And there we were… huddled behind a gigantic boulder, shivering, wet, and terrified. This was sure to be the end.  It was unbelievable how quickly the status of our trip had changed. One moment we were experiencing a blissful July 4th afternoon on the Rio Grande, the next we were sitting silently imagining the tragic headlines that might follow our demise: “8 Lake|Flato Employees Die a Catastrophic Death at Big Bend.” Or at least I was. Click to Read More