Monthly Archives: November, 2015

    Jonathan Smith

    Washington DC Textures

    Posted by on 11/23/15 at 01:16pm
    Middle Fork- John Grade - Renwick Gallery

    This past week several LF’ers were in DC for the 2015 GreenBuild Conference. We took in some great sessions and enjoyed seeing the sites. The following are our favorite textures from the week: Click to Read More

    Corey Squire

    Josey Pavilion: Human Scale

    Posted by on 11/12/15 at 05:58pm

    For early humans, trees represented safety: being able to see out over the tall grass and spot potential food or predators from a distance. When we came down from the trees and began to live in the savanna, standing up allowed us to see over the grass and regain the higher vantage point that the trees had provided. Even today, millions of years later, we feel most comfortable standing in the shadow of a tree, looking out over our surroundings. Click to Read More

    Corey Squire

    Josey Pavilion: Net Zero Energy

    Posted by on 11/5/15 at 02:00pm

    On September 30, 2015, the Josey Pavilion completed its one-year performance period as a net zero energy building, generating 50% more energy than it consumed. During the performance period, Josey consumed 2467 kWh, generated 3697 kWh, and sent a net of 1230 kWh back to the grid. Click to Read More