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    Cecelia Smith

    Former Intern Clay Returns to LF

    Posted by on 7/28/15 at 02:56pm

    Clay Cottingham, a former intern at our office, recently returned to LF as a full-time LFer! In case you have forgotten, Clay is from Panama City, Florida. He left LF to finish completing coursework for a Bachelor of Architecture from Mississippi State University. Click to Read More

    Hayley Johnson

    Sustainability: the Lake|Flato way

    Posted by on 7/20/15 at 02:46pm

    With three weeks left as Lake|Flato’s sustainability intern, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about the firm and the opportunities I’ve had, as well as thank those of you who’ve contributed to my time here. Click to Read More

    Seema Kairam

    Porch House

    Posted by on 7/17/15 at 09:25am

    A few weeks ago, in anticipation of Rand Pinson’s departure, we held a little in-house Porch House showcase. As someone who works in the land of 50,000+ sq ft commercial projects, it was a great opportunity for me to get a little insight into projects that are generally closer in scale to 5,000 sq ft. I learned a little history and a lot about the evolution of an idea. Porch House was started in the height of the recession, with the vision to create pre-fabricated residential homes, that could be assembled in the factory, and delivered to the site fully built. Miller Ranch, one of the first realized Porch Houses, was trucked to the site fully formed. 
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    Cecelia Smith

    Kaitlyn is a fearless and surprising adventurer wrapped up in an unflappable calm and cheerful exterior. She traveled way down to Texas — site unseen — from Canada for an internship with Lake|Flato. She’d never set foot in this state before but took to this place and our wacky firm culture right away, as if our heat and humidity were second nature. She owns no car, and bicycles everywhere. Click to Read More

    Cecelia Smith

    LF Wishes Farewell to Steven

    Posted by on 7/2/15 at 11:33am

    I’m not sure what the first floor south studio is going to do without Steven, not only did his meal schedule function as an perpetual time-clock, he always brought a smile and a laugh to every task at hand. Click to Read More