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    Vicki Yuan

    Craft Call: Jesse Quintana of LoopTech

    Posted by on 6/24/15 at 09:14am

    On a recent site visit to the Bridge House in Houston, I caught our geothermal well drillers in action and asked them about the drilling process.  As an alternative to conventional air conditioning systems, geothermal heating and cooling takes advantage of the stable temperature of the earth via a series of vertical wells or loops, providing heating, cooling, and hot water at very high efficiencies. Because the heat exchange is buried underground, a geothermal HVAC system eliminates outdoor equipment, avoiding unsightly condensers and their associated noise and long term maintenance.  Although the initial cost of installation is higher than a conventional system, geothermal has been proven to provide a quick payback and very low operating costs. Currently, federal tax rebates offsetting 30% of the install cost expire at the end of 2016. Click to Read More

    Brantley Hightower

    One of the things I have always appreciated about the work of Lake|Flato is their deep respect for vernacular buildings. Sure there are plenty of lessons offered by the monuments of great architecture from around the world, but there is also lots to learn form the more modest buildings in our own backyard of Texas. Click to Read More

    Cecelia Smith


    Posted by on 6/19/15 at 11:11am

    LF will miss our Jack-of-all-Trades-Jordan. Known for his late night creativity that often kept him up into the wee hours and made him rush in at 11 a.m., Jordan had no shortage of energy to offer towards any task. Click to Read More

    Hayley Johnson

    Sustainability Conferences of 2015

    Posted by on 6/17/15 at 08:26am

    Remaining active in sustainability discussions is an important part of what we do at Lake | Flato.  Conferences offer the chance for invested community members to learn, share, mingle and feel inspired.  Here’s a summary of the conferences attended by LFers this year. Click to Read More

    Josh Nieves

    Lick List: Seattle/Portland

    Posted by on 6/15/15 at 01:04pm

    A few weeks ago Sarah and I decided to visit the Northwest to meet up with some graduated Lake|Flato’ers and explore the landscapes and architecture of Seattle and Portland.  Along the way a few buildings joined the highly coveted Lick List! Click to Read More

    Cecelia Smith


    Posted by on 6/5/15 at 01:30pm

    I’ve learned a lot from Rand the last 4 years here at Lake | Flato. At the surface, you’d think that he’s just really interested in architecture, but it’s more – he’s an adventurer and inspiration junkie, searching for truth. Click to Read More

    Cam Greenlee


    Posted by on 6/2/15 at 10:40am

    Sunday, May 31st, the historically appreciative “Nerd Train” took an impromptu trip south down the river. LFer’s Ben Hartigan, Ty Reece and myself eventually biked all the way down Mission Reach, stopping at Mission San Juan and finally Mission Espada. The weather had cooled and droves of people were all along the river enjoying their Sunday afternoon. Click to Read More