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    Heather Gayle Holdridge

    Lake|Flato’s Ryan Jones will be presenting at Facades+ this upcoming Friday in Dallas, Texas.  He will be sharing our firm’s work in passive envelope design, including case study information on a project we have under construction at Georgia Tech.  We hope you’ll be able to come out and attend his workshop! Click to Read More

    Lewis McNeel

    My wife Bekah works for a luxury tour operator. Once a year she gets sent on familiarization trips to South America. I go along for the free hotel rooms. Yes this really is every bit as ideal of a setup as it sounds. I also have a strong interest in hotel design here at Lake|Flato, and so these South America adventures are basically big happy research trips for both of us. Click to Read More

    Heather Gayle Holdridge

    Perkins+Will’s Healthy Materials Group and Science Fellow Michael Dedeo have released new research in response to the need for architects and interior designers to develop a better understanding of flame retardants and their impact on health. The white paper, “Healthy Environments: Strategies for Avoiding Flame Retardants in the Built Environment,” identifies opportunities to design healthier buildings without compromising fire safety or code compliance.  Lake|Flato is looking forward to using this helpful guide in our work. Click to Read More

    Jonathan Smith

    LF:30 1999 Residence for Art

    Posted by on 10/10/14 at 12:21pm

    In honor of Lake Flato’s thirtieth anniversary, the Thirty Projects x Thirty Years series has been developed to explore and celebrate the firm’s history and culture of design. Published weekly, the series will highlight one project per year, starting in 1984 and ending in 2014.  The projects that have been selected will give you a snapshot of the firm’s evolution as well as provide a fun and insightful collection on then and now, and ultimately, who we are today.  Click to Read More

    David Lake

    Remembering Callie Vickers

    Posted by on 10/9/14 at 02:30pm

    A few months ago, we featured the 1984 Vickers Residence as part of our Thirty Projects x Thirty Years series. It is with sadness and much grief that we mourn the recent loss of this client, Callie Vickers, who passed away in Palm Desert California last week. Click to Read More

    Corey Squire

    Construction has finished, the air quality has been tested, and the monitoring systems are up and running. Today, The Josey Pavilion begins its one year operation phase to prove that it generates 100% of its energy and purifies 100% of its water. If all goes as designed, next year The Josey Pavilion will join the world’s most exclusive club of high performance buildings, Certified Living Building. Click to Read More

    Heather Gayle Holdridge

    2014 LEED Fellows Announced

    Posted by on 10/6/14 at 03:12pm

    This year’s class of LEED Fellows was announced last week by the U.S. Green Building Council.  Lake|Flato congratulates all 48 Fellows for their exceptional contributions to the green building community as well as for their significant achievements among LEED Professionals.  Way to go! Click to Read More

    Ashley Heeren

    Last weekend, a team of LFers enjoyed getting their hands dirty in the great outdoors–we put a roof on a dance hall. And we have a time-lapse video to prove it (cast your vote for the carpenter)! Click to Read More