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    Greg Papay
    Model X - Very Cool

    For those who are unaware (no one who knows me, that’s for sure) our family bought a Tesla Model S about 7 months ago. It is a spectacular car, simply a better driving experience, a complete and transcendent shift in how a car operates and interacts with its clients. If you want a test drive, just ask me to lunch…however you’d better block out a few hours! Click to Read More

    Claire Matucheski

    LEED Platinum in Leon Springs

    Posted by on 7/30/13 at 09:49am

    Last week our Leon Springs Residence was featured on Jetson Green, a website focusing on sustainable homes, natural materials, and green technology. The LEED Platinum home features many sustainable features namely a 17,000-gallon rainwater catchment system which meets 100% of the home’s potable water needs. Click to Read More

    Vicki Yuan

    The next PechaKucha Night is coming soon to a theatre near you….the Josephine to be specific. It’s happening on Tuesday, August 27th, and you know the drill – come early for a good seat.  Little known Lake|Flato factoid: Our very own Robert Trinidad met his wife Cynthia at….the Josephine Theatre! Click to Read More

    Matthew Wallace

    On a recent Thursday afternoon David Lake’s filibuster on why Roger Federer is the best tennis player that has ever lived was pleasantly interrupted by the simple recognition of similar worn brown clogs.  Upon discussion it seems Cotton Estes (at left) and Matt Wallace (right) had obtained the shoes within the last decade while David (top) made his purchase during his glory days at UT in the 1930’s.   Click to Read More


    Scott Visitor Center

    Posted by on 7/25/13 at 01:38pm

    In the middle of July Tenna and I made a trip to the 2013 Boy Scouts of America  National Jamboree. The Summit Bechtel Reserve is the new Jamboree home for the Boy Scouts of America. Previously located at an Army Base near Washington DC, this site in West Virginia is their new and permanent location. Hosting about 40,000 to 45,000 people this is its Click to Read More



    Posted by on 7/24/13 at 08:35am

    We have a couple new faces – and one familiar – that joined the office this month as part of our full-time architectural staff. Click to Read More

    Rand Pinson

    Digital Pinup: Alamo Brewery

    Posted by on 7/23/13 at 08:00am

    Lake|Flato Architects is pleased to announce that San Antonio’s own Alamo Beer Company Brewery is on its way.  Located east of highway 281 and just south of the historic Hays Street bridge, the 18,000 square foot brewery is uniquely positioned at the gateway to the Dignowity Hill neighborhood.  In addition to crafting crisp, tasty brews, the project aims to catalyze the city’s growing east side, providing a vibrant destination for locals and visitors alike. Click to Read More

    Claire Matucheski

    The 2030 Palette is here- almost

    Posted by on 7/22/13 at 07:31pm

    The folks over at Architecture 2030 are in the process debuting another great idea: the 2030 Palette. The 2030 Palette is an interactive web platform containing a set of principles and actions for the planning and design of sustainable and resilient buildings and communities worldwide. In other words, it’s a highly organized and interactive tool to help designers learn sustainable practices. The site is full of captivating diagrams and inspiring precedents organized by scale. Click to Read More

    Claire Matucheski

    Raising Shell

    Posted by on 7/22/13 at 08:59am

    Cycling is a big part of the culture here at Lake|Flato and yesterday three members of our very own Southtown Strays had their inaugural Shell Ride. Over the past few weeks the Strays have quietly been gaining speed and on Sunday our crew was ready to make its way farther south. It was the first time out for Ashley, Seema, and our photographer Ryan. It was the second ride for Cotton, and approximately the tenth ride for Corey. Click to Read More

    Robert Lingo

    This past week in San Antonio was an unusually rainy one, leaving our typically overloaded bike racks here in the L|F office feeling a bit lonely.  Despite the inclement weather, many LFer’s held strong, covered up, and hit the streets – without having to hit the pump.  It is, after all, a hard lifestyle to give up once you give it a go. Click to Read More