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    Jonathan Smith

    West Texas: A Study in Erosion

    Posted by on 3/27/13 at 02:50pm

    Last week Graham and I made the trek out to Big Bend National Park for our continuing work on the Fossil Discovery Trail. On the way back I stopped in Fort Stockton to take in some of the intriguing architecture and oil infrastructure that is in various states of decay. Nearly every conceivable form of desert related fading, cracking, and crumbling seems to be taking place. For more insight on West Texas check out Corey’s post. Click to Read More


    Architect and Visiting Professor at UTSA College of Architecture, Javier Sanchez, will present at the CoA’s Spring Lecture Series tonight at the UTSA Downtown Campus. His lecture, “Building the City: Architectural Insertions in Mexico City,” is based on his work as a founding partner and lead designer of the multidisciplinary Mexico City firm, JSa.  Click to Read More

    Heather Gayle Holdridge

    As many of you know, Lake|Flato has adopted the 2030 Challenge and joined the AIA 2030 Commitment.  We are deeply committed to these programs and oppose any efforts to weaken or repeal the provision in EISA Sec. 433 that requires new and majorly renovated federal buildings to meet incremental targets leading to net-zero energy consumption in 2030.  We urge your groups, colleagues, and friends to sign on to this letter in support of federal 2030 targets. Click to Read More

    Heather Gayle Holdridge

    Lakeside Retreat, located in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, earned LEED for Homes Certification today!  Sustainable features of the home include healthy alternatives to conventional pest control, efficient framing methods used to reduce wood materials, and an energy reduction of 36% over code. We will post a LEED case study for the project on our website soon with more information on sustainability performance metrics.  Please stay tuned! Click to Read More


    Better Know an LFer: Sameer Rayyan

    Posted by on 3/22/13 at 01:32pm

    Early on I couldn’t get Sameer’s name quite right. Sameer Rayyan, who I initially thought was Ryan Sameer, worked with me on several developer projects last Fall. Our client, Mark Tolley, would refer to him as my Savent (a person of profound or extensive learning; or learned scholar) – He worked day and night on projects such as the Peanut Factory and Click to Read More

    Ashley Heeren

    Can a bus shelter setting become an engaging public place beyond the purpose of waiting for the bus? UT San Antonio School of Architecture is hosting a 3-day charrette this week posing this question and taking the new Tobin Center for the Performing Arts as the site. Six teams of 2-3 UTSA graduate students will each be paired with a young professional mentor (from Lake|Flato and other local firms) to meet and work over the next three days. The goal of the charrette is to explore elements or programs that can be conceived of as integral parts of place-making through the lens of a bus patron or other people who encounter this setting. Click to Read More

    Jonathan Smith

    Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3,

    Posted by on 3/15/13 at 12:53pm

    At the office we like to get hands-on with potential building materials for our projects. This desire manifests itself often, ranging from placing samples on the office roof for months to see how they weather in the Texas sun (and sometimes forgetting about them) to ordering lots and lots of samples which later become paperweights and odd pencil holders around the office. This week we tested a potential exterior LED light fixture for the Austin Central Library. Click to Read More

    Heather Gayle Holdridge

    Our marketing coordinator, Jessica Vonderau, shared a really cool article with me.  The study shows that children who bicycle or walk to school, rather than traveling by car or public transportation, perform measurably better on tasks demanding concentration.  Having breakfast and lunch also has an impact on performance, but pales in comparison to having exercised on the commute to school. Click to Read More

    Grace Boudewyns

    Located on a 40-acre river-bottom site, the house reuses the steel frame, stair rails and ventilators of a decommissioned cement plant bought for $20,000. Lake|Flato re-erected the 40’ x 80’ steel-framed building into a “Z” shape around existing oak trees. The Story: The Alamo Cement Company was chartered in 1880 and provided cement for Click to Read More


    Better Know an LF’er: Jamie Sartory

    Posted by on 3/7/13 at 09:00am

    “Jamie’s spirit animal is the Rabbit: she is good-natured, alert, and spontaneous.  While landing a magnificent triple Salchow as a girl, Jamie made the brash decision that an easy road to celebrity via sequins and eyeshadow was not for her. The daughter of a culinary guru, Jamie learned to trust her taste and intuition, elevating the lowliest hoagie to haute Click to Read More