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    In May I was at the Gulf Coast Green Conference in Houston and ran into former intern, David Dewane and his adorable 10 month old daughter Frita (a.k.a. Fritzy – not sure on spelling). After a bit of parent/baby talk, the conversation drifted toward work. He is now at Gensler, which has supported him in helping his thesis project become a reality. He, along with his wife Rachel (also a former intern) and others, have now launched Libraries Across Africa. Click to Read More

    Corey Leamon

    L|Fers Lend a Hand to Habitat

    Posted by on 6/25/12 at 11:15am

    On Saturday, June 16th, a group of Lake|Flatonians traveled to southern San Antonio to help out Habitat for Humanity. We had the pleasure of working with Woody on 6802 Faithful Drive with everything from cabinet blocking to fixing crooked wall frames. The group left in the afternoon all smiles, caked in sweat, dirt, and sawdust. Click to Read More

    Heather Gayle Holdridge

    David Lake has been selected (from an applicant pool of over 800!) to speak at this year’s Greenbuild Conference in San Francisco!   David will be joined by Bill Shown, Managing Director of Silver Ventures, Inc., and Darryl Byrd, CEO of SA2020 to lead an education session on San Antonio’s redevelopment of its Click to Read More

    Brantley Hightower

    In recent years, the June event in the Papay’s backyard has come to represent the official start of the Lake|Flato summer season. For those of us approaching middle age it also serves as an annual reminder of how bloated and hairy we are becoming. Click to Read More

    Corey Leamon

    Longhorns Take Over

    Posted by on 6/14/12 at 05:12pm

    Good news! We have new arrivals in the form of three interns and one design architect. From the left: Sameer Rayyan joins us from the MArch program at the University of Virginia. After externing with us over the winter, he is back due to his enjoyment of Taco Truck Fridays. Click to Read More

    Vicki Yuan

    Better Know an LFer: Gus Starkey

    Posted by on 6/7/12 at 11:34am

    “Gus drives a Jeep which makes him a little like John Byrd. Gus also wears a hat which makes him a little like Matt Morris. He went to the University of Washington which makes him a little bit like Matt Wallace, and he’s a great guy to have on your team…which means he is nothing like Chris Krajcer.” -Steve Raike Click to Read More

    Lewis McNeel

    L|F and Area Sixth Graders Form Venture

    Posted by on 6/4/12 at 03:39pm

    This past school year a team of 6th grade entrepreneurs / venture capitalists formed a strategic alliance with Lake Flato to work on the design of some major new civic architecture that is being called a “game changer” for the AEC industry. The projects on the drawing boards were conceived and masterminded by the 6th graders with design consulting services performed by Lake Flato.  The projects include a rotating restaurant up in a tree with toboggan slides and ice skating rink, a subterranean river walk with a medieval weapons gallery, a mobile cooking school and cupcake shop made of train cars, and a chocolate mining facility and associated Click to Read More

    Rebecca Bruce

    Children’s Museum Gets a New Intern

    Posted by on 6/1/12 at 10:42am

    Sammy Hightower joins the Children’s Museum team this Friday afternoon to supply a dose of creative whim. This is not the first time Sammy has taken over a Lake Flatonian’s computer to get things moving… Who will be her next target?? Click to Read More